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Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

What is Triple P Online?

  • Triple P Online is an online course designed for parents of children ages 2-12.

  • You can access the program anytime on any device for 1 year after you activate your code!

  • Information is delivered in video format with activities that customize the program to your family.

  • Triple P doesn’t tell you how to parent, it gives you strategies that you can adapt to your unique situation.

  • If you or your child are on Oregon Health Plan (OHP) you can get Triple P Online for free by filling out the form below. A staff person from Parenting Now! will send you an access code within 24 hours and you’ll be able to start using the program right away!

If you are not on OHP, financial assistance may be available to participate in the program. You may also purchase Triple P Online for $79.99. Please click here to purchase the program through the Triple P website.

In-person Triple P in Lane County:

  • In-person groups and classes are also available in Lane County. Check out the Activity Calendar for Triple P Discussion Groups and the Classes & Workshops page for Triple P Group Series.

Five Steps to Positive Parenting:

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1. Create a safe, interesting environment

  • Children need to play and explore their world, so remove potential dangers from your home, teach basic safety. Provide plenty of interesting things to keep kids busy.

2. Have a positive learning environment

  • When your child comes to you for help or to talk, they’re ready to learn. Give them positive attention, even if only for a minute or so.

3. Use assertive discipline

  • Children do best in a predictable, stable environment, so set clear rules and boundaries and follow through with appropriate consequences. Encourage behavior you like with lots of praise.

4. Have realistic expectations

  • Nobody’s perfect – children or adults – so don’t expect your child to do more than they’re capable of. And remember, all parents make mistakes sometimes.

5. Take care of yourself as a parent

  • It’s all about balance. You’ve got to look after your own needs too, so make sure you’re getting some support, time with friends, fun, and maybe even a little time to yourself!