Virtual Little Wonders: Traditional Foods

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Learn and play from home—museum style! Preschoolers and their adults can now join us online for our popular Little Wonders program, featuring stories, hands-on activities, and more. This month we look at traditional foods. Does your family have a special recipe or a favorite meal? Join us and discover yummy foods that families have shared [...]

Picky Eating: Is there such a thing?

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Toddlers and food—it’s a funny thing. Some toddlers seem to snack all day, while others only stop periodically between playtime to grab a handful of crackers or apple slices. Some toddlers gladly eat whatever you put on their plate, while others are only content with their chosen food of the “moment.” At this stage [...]

10 Local Food Resources for Families You Might Not Know About

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Feeding a family is hard work, especially during the holiday months when other expenses tend to rise. Unfortunately, struggling to put food on the table or make ends meet is an all too familiar struggle for a lot of families in Lane County.  Whether you are in need of food assistance, need to stretch your [...]