LaneKids Monthly Newsletter

The LaneKids newsletter provides down to earth advice and helpful resources as you navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood.  The content of the monthly newsletter is selected to be timely and relevant since we know the needs and interests of families can change from season to season.

Each edition contains a picture book recommendation, family friendly events, a popular Triple P blog post, and resources for families you may not know about. All in an easy to read format for those rare times when you have a moment to yourself.

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Current Edition

Previous Editions

March 2021 – Women’s History Month      English      Spanish

February 2021  – Black History Month       English      Spanish

January 2021  – Practical New Years Resolutions   English

December 2020 – Joy and Community               English   Spanish

October 2020 – Get Out the Vote               English   Spanish

September 2020 – Wildfire Resources               English   Spanish

August 2020   –  Back to School Roller Coaster  English     Spanish

July 2020   –    The Great Divide                     English     Spanish

June 2020   –    Let’s Talk About Race            English     Spanish

May 2020   –    A New Normal                          English     Spanish

April 2020   –  COVID-19 Resources                 English     Spanish

March 2020   –  Women’s History Month         English     Spanish

February 2020   –  Black History Month           English     Spanish

January 2020   –  Happy New Year                    English     Spanish

December 2019 –  Making Memories                English     Spanish

November 2019 –  A Time for Gratitude           English     Spanish

October 2019      –  Fall Fun                               English     Spanish

September 2019 – Back to School                       English  Spanish

August 2019       –  Launching the 1st Edition   English   Spanish