Halloween can be a tough holiday to make healthy, since we all know the primary focus of the day, and maybe even the month for your kids, is CANDY! However, despite the traditional notion that Halloween is a time of sweet treats and sugar rushes, we have put together 7 of our favorite ideas from Spoonful.com to help you add the healthy back into your family’s Happy Halloween celebration.
Black Bean Cat Crudités

The only thing black about this cat is the black-bean dip! Get creative and build a cat with vegetables of every color in the rainbow.

Carrot Fingers and Dip Halloween Recipe

Almonds, carrots, and dip will give you a hand in creating this spooky snack!

Teeth Made Out of Apples Halloween Recipe

The kids will be grinning when they take a bite out of these little Monster Mouth apple treats!

Ghost Toast Halloween Recipe

Toast, cream cheese, and raisins are all you need to keep the spirit of Halloween alive with this great breakfast idea!

Pizza Mummies

Make pizza new and fun all over again with mini-mummies pizza bites!

Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cup Halloween Recipe

These fruit-filled faces make for a naturally sweet snack-o-lantern!

Edible Eyeball Halloween Snacks

Using dried fruit to create these creepy eye balls is another trick for a delicious, nutritious treat!

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