17 St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Treats

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Every year on the 17th of March we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a little bit of luck, fun green clothing, and plenty of traditional Irish goodies! We searched all over Pinterest and found our top 17 St. Patty's Day inspired activities and treats to try with your little leprechaun this year!   1. Rainbow [...]

Let’s Talk Beans: The Best Bean Recipes

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Pick a bean, and see what comes to mind when you think of it. If what comes to mind is chili, hummus, or beans and rice, you are thinking about beans all wrong! Beans are a very versatile and easy to use ingredient that can quickly add a lot of nutrition to a multitude of [...]

5 Simple Recipes Kids Can Cook for Mom

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Mother’s Day is a few days away and what better way to celebrate mom than to treat her to a fun and delicious meal! Cooking as a family is not only a learning experience for children, it also creates family memories that will last a lifetime. There are several ways your kids can help in [...]

Happy Pie Day! – 8 of the Best Pie Recipes

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Yes, it is March 14th, 3/14, and National Pie Day! Why? Because the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter- also known as Pi- is equal to approximately 3.14. So let’s celebrate! We have put together a list of our favorite pie recipes from allrecipes.com, so you can celebrate today with a perfectly round [...]