Step 1 of Positive Parenting: Create a Safe, Interesting Environment

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Many of us start the New Year with a set of resolutions, usually centered on bettering ourselves in some way—whether it’s eating healthier or saving money. The New Year is also a wonderful time to assess how you are doing with Triple P’s 5 Steps to Positive Parenting. If you are new to Triple P [...]

Ways to Avoid Separation Problems After Holiday Breaks

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It’s likely that it took your child a few weeks—maybe months—to make the adjustment from part-time preschool to elementary school. Can’t blame them—it’s a big leap! Class size is double the number of students, the school is bigger, new teacher and rules to follow, more formal instruction, and less time to play and explore their [...]

Bah Humbug! Reducing Holiday Tantrums

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The holidays are an exciting time for children. The lights, the sounds, abundance of frosted sugar cookies . . . excitement fills the air! For toddlers, however, the change to routine, excitement of toys, and new stimuli can result in emotional ups and downs, including more tantrums or, as we like to frame them, “upsets.” [...]

What To Do When Your Child Is A Bully

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Bullying is all over in the news today. It’s an important topic and one that deserve our attention as it becomes increasingly hard for today’s teenagers to safely navigate their social world. There are warning signs to look for when you suspect that your child is being bullied. But what about when your child is [...]

Your Unique Toddler

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Toddlers are explosive bundles of personality and energy. One minute they are charming you with their rendition of “Shake It Off.” The next, they are in emotional meltdown mode over their milk being too “milky.” From one minute to the next, you never know what to expect with a toddler. But that’s part of the [...]

Fright Night Fears: Ways to Make Halloween Less Scary for Children

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Halloween decorations are in full force in stores and around town. You may notice your preschooler feeling a little more fearful than usual with the spooks and goblins lining store shelves. If your preschooler is on the younger side, this might be the first year they became truly afraid around Halloween. One of the social [...]