Counting Stars: Ways to help toddlers who resist sleep

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Count yourself among the rare and lucky if you are a parent of a toddler who willingly—maybe even eagerly—hops right into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, because most families with toddlers experience bedtime challenges. In fact, it’s part of the delightful package called toddlerhood! It’s so common, that it’s estimated that one in three [...]

Modern Fatherhood: Balancing Work-Family Life

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The data is in! Research shows that children of present, engaged fathers are less likely to drop out of school, go to jail, and avoid high risk behaviors later in their lives, such as smoking, underage drinking, or teen pregnancy. This is great news, especially as cultural roles are shifting and many families are choosing [...]

Managing Parenting Stress Over the Holidays 

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Sometimes it seems like the demands and stresses of parenting just keep building up! For some parents, it just seems like there is too much to do each day—especially  during the holidays! The good news is there are ways you can handle the very real stresses of parenting through the holiday season.  Set realistic expectations [...]

Practicing Gratitude: What Are You Thankful For?

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At Camilla’s 6-year birthday party she was showered with gifts from friends and family. Her parents were overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity that was shown to their daughter. But when the family arrived home after the party, Camilla became upset, crossing her arms and pouting because “she didn’t get the gift she really wanted.” [...]

Responding to Nightmares

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Did you have nightmares as a kid? Even if you don’t remember having them, chances are you probably did. And, for some of us, our childhood nightmares were so powerful that we still remember them to this day! Childhood nightmares are common in children 3-5 years old. With changes to their routine (starting in preschool [...]

Make Time For Everyday Learning Opportunities

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Toddlers and young children are constantly asking questions about their world: “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why do we have feet?” As a parent, it can be hard to keep up with their curiosity!  But the truth is, you are likely teaching your child more than you even realize through your everyday interactions. From building [...]

Encouraging Independent Play

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Preschoolers and their parents lead busy lives. There are pretend cakes to bake; dolls and stuffies with “boo boos” that need mending; and grocery shopping to do for the play kitchen. As fun as these games are for kids, there are very real tasks that all parents need to get done during the day—and it’s [...]

Self-Regulation Techniques for Parents

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As parents, our focus tends to be on teaching our children healthy ways to manage (or regulate) their “big” feelings. We teach them ways to calm their breathing, slow down their thoughts, and release explosive feelings in positive outlets, such as drawing or talking a walk. But when’s the last time you checked in [...]