Children Need Routine—Especially During Uncertain Times

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our daily routines. Work schedules have changed, kids are at home instead of in school, work meetings are happening at the same time as your child’s classroom meeting—it can feel like chaos at times. Routines build a strong foundation for children of all ages, and it’s important that, as [...]

Tips For Parenting In Uncertain Times: Part 3

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The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced. As parents, you may be feeling a range of uncomfortable emotions (including anxiety, anger, sadness); as well as uncertainty about what to do and how to cope. This week, we offer three more tips for parenting through these uncertain times. Help your child work [...]

Tips For Parenting In Uncertain Times: Part 2

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At some point in our lives, we all experience uncertainty. Right now, we are collectively experiencing the uncertainty that comes with the COVID-19 virus. But it can come in other forms as well—including the loss of a job, divorce, housing issues, food scarcity, illness—and they all affect how we parent. This week’s tips for [...]

Tips for Parenting In Uncertain Times: Part 1

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Whether you have a 1-month old, 1-year old, or 10-year old, chances are you are currently parenting very differently than you were mere weeks ago before schools were closed, events were cancelled, and you were asked to practice social distancing. Parenting under a pandemic is uncharted territory for pretty much all of us. It’s not [...]

Can’t we all just along?! Steps to minimize conflict among siblings

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As a parent, you were likely not prepared for your kiddos to be out of school a week earlier than expected—not to mention the entire month of April. With playdates out of the question, libraries closed, rainy days, and other activities canceled, your family is likely spending A LOT of time at home together. However, [...]

Tips For Homework Success 

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It’s the middle of the school year—there are more hours of daylight; the weather is starting to warm up (ever so slightly); and the weekends and after-school hours are starting to fill up with spring sports on the horizon. Your child’s homework might be the last thing on your mind. If you and your child [...]

Counting Stars: Ways to help toddlers who resist sleep

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Count yourself among the rare and lucky if you are a parent of a toddler who willingly—maybe even eagerly—hops right into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, because most families with toddlers experience bedtime challenges. In fact, it’s part of the delightful package called toddlerhood! It’s so common, that it’s estimated that one in three [...]