The Importance of Toddler Routines

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School’s out and summer is here! Many parents want to soak up as much of the summer sun as possible and fill their days with trips to the swimming pool, impromptu stops at the playground, or a late picnic dinner in the park. All these activities are enjoyable ways for a family to spend time [...]

Baby Bonding Tips For Dads

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In last week’s Triple P blog post, we discussed Parental Postnatal Depression (PPND), a mood disorder that affects anywhere between 4 and 25 percent of Dads after the birth of their baby. In some cases, PPND is caused from feeling excluded from the mother/baby relationship and bond. The good news is that by being mindful [...]

Dads Get Postnatal Depression Too

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We know that 1 in 5 Moms can have feelings of sadness or depression after the birth of their baby, and that two thirds of Moms feel emotionally fragile or numb within the first 10 days after giving birth. But Moms aren’t the only ones who can experience a shift in their mental health [...]

4 Tips for Drowning Prevention

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With summer just on the horizon, families are looking up pool schedules and filling their backyards with kiddie pools, water tables, and sprinklers to run through. But here’s a startling fact: Children can drown in as little as 1 inch of water. One INCH! That means, any standing water can be dangerous for infants and [...]

How Are You Coping With the Challenges of Parenting?

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Being a parent and managing a family can be stressful at times. Sleepless nights with a newborn, toddler upsets, or a bout of illness can all test a parent’s ability to handle challenging moments with grace and ease. While these moments are generally fleeting—children eventually sleep through the night; toddlers learn to regulate their [...]

Self-Care Is Crucial For The Whole Family’s Health

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Self-care is a buzzword we hear a lot in the media these days—especially in parenting articles and social media. As our world gets more hurried and chaotic, medical professionals and parenting educators are encouraging parents to take care of themselves just as much as they care for their children. But what is self-care and [...]

Problem Solving to Reduce Fighting and Aggression

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It’s not uncommon for children to argue over a toy or become frustrated when they are told “no.” Fighting and aggression—whether it’s in the form of name calling, pushing, hitting, or refusing to share—are common responses when children lack problem-solving skills. It’s important to teach young children the value of playing cooperatively and getting along with [...]