Tips for Reducing In-Person Learning Anxieties

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With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, children are starting to resume some in-person learning at school. Many schools have individualized plans when it comes to hybrid learning, but whether your child is returning for just a few hours per week or is returning to full-time in person learning, it’s likely that many kiddos will experience some level [...]

Single Parenting During a Pandemic

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It’s no secret that parents are struggling right now as we approach the 1-year anniversary of the COVID-19 quarantine and associated restrictions. This is especially true for single parents. Managing your job, childcare, homeschool and being responsible for caring for your children all day every day takes a toll. You’ve heard this before, especially [...]

Helpful (And Not So Helpful) Beliefs Parents Have About Their Child’s Behavior

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It is extremely rewarding and enjoyable to be a parent, but it’s not always easy. And sometimes we make it harder for ourselves by holding beliefs about our children’s behavior that are exaggerated, untrue—or sometimes just plain unhelpful. When our children misbehave—whether it’s throwing toys or name calling—we sometimes look for a reason “why.” [...]

Morning Routines Simplified

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During a “normal” school year, parents and kids rush out the door each morning, scarfing down breakfast, grabbing their backpacks, and lacing up their shoes, as they narrowly miss the school bus or carpool. This school year, however, mornings look a little differently for many of us. Instead of signing permission slips and finding lost [...]

2020 Lane County Pumpkin Patch Guide

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The changing leaves aren’t the only things reminding us that fall has arrived. Oregon is a little more on the orange side this season, as pumpkins pop up everywhere from grocery stores to road-side stands to neighborhood front porches. Although you can find great pumpkins outside of your nearest supermarket, the best way to [...]