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About LaneKids

LaneKids, Lane County’s Parenting Education Hub, is a local network of parenting education providers and stakeholders brought together by United Way of Lane County to strengthen and coordinate our community’s parenting education system.

LaneKids is one of fourteen Parenting Education Hubs across Oregon committed to improving access to an array of evidence-based parenting education opportunities and activities for all families.


All parents have the knowledge, tools and support systems to nurture their child’s optimal development and success in school and life.


Lane County will have a strong countywide system of parenting education programs, information and support for all families.
Our core values include the following:

  • LaneKids believes parents need current and up-to-date information on parenting, resources and support.
  • LaneKids believes information on parenting, resources and support for parents must be easily accessible.
  • LaneKids values and makes decisions based on parent-reported needs.
  • LaneKids supports the use of evidence-based curricula and programs, when available.
  • LaneKids values program evaluation as a critical requirement of participation in collaboration.
  • LaneKids strives to ensure there is enough parenting education to meet the needs of Lane County parents.
  • LaneKids values affordability as a critical component of accessibility.
  • LaneKids values accessibility, defined as including but not limited to: language, culture, ability, location, learning styles, family structure.
  • LaneKids strives to make parenting education and support a community norm.

2018-19 LaneKids Funded Agencies

To build and strengthen Lane County’s parenting education system, LaneKids invests in local agencies to implement evidence based parenting education series for parents with kids ages 0-6. These evidence based parenting education series are typically 10 to 12 weeks in duration and require the use of an evidence based curriculum such as Make Parenting A Pleasure, Nurturing Parenting, or Incredible Years. Currently funded agencies include:

    • Bethel School District
    • Centro Latino Americano
    • Fern Ridge School District
    • First Place Family Center
    • McKenzie School District
    • Pearl Buck Center
    • Parenting Now! Florence
    • Relief Nursery, Inc.
    • South Lane Family Relief Nursery
    • The Trauma Healing Project


Bess Day, Director of Education
United Way of Lane County

Claire Hambly, Education Program Manager
United Way of Lane County

Clarissa Parker, Preschool Promise Enrollment Specialist
United Way of Lane County

Emily Reiter, Education Program Coordinator
United Way of Lane County

Michelle Sheng-Palmisano, Education Program Manager
United Way of Lane County