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Mother Breaks Free From a Broken Legacy

By |May 22nd, 2014|

As the January blizzard swept across Crescent Lake Junction a decade ago and with children Rhea, 13, and Jacob, 9, in the car Gienia Baines, 29, wrestled with tire chains for the first time.
She blew on her hands to keep them warm and blinked back tears of frustration. “Men were walking by and just looking […]

2014 LaneKids Poster Contest!

By |May 15th, 2014|

May 19th through the 23rd is Parenting Education Week!

Parenting Education Week is a state-wide recognition of the important role that parents play as their child’s first teacher. Of all the things that influence a child’s growth and development, the most critical is reliable, responsive, and sensitive parenting. Effective parenting education has been linked with decreased […]

Bike Safety – Road Rules

By |May 6th, 2014|

Bike to School Day is a great opportunity to encourage kids to stay active and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time! Biking to school can help your kids build positive habits of exercising and biking to save gas, while also making them feel more independent, responsible, and trustworthy. Make sure your children understand […]